Available To Sell (ATS) Dashboard

Available to Sell

Carillon ERP calculates a time-phased available to sell amount for today or any date in the future. Our ERP software considers all the known demands and supplies for an item out through the lead time to determine what is currently available. This is a far more sophisticated and accurate method of managing your inventory than the manual allocation process older systems use.

Items are color-coded:

  • Green: You have adequate known supplies to meet known demands.
  • Yellow: You have adequate known supplies to meet known demands, but you will fall below the parameter defined in Item Maintenance, which functions similar to the safety stock level.
  • Red: You do not have adequate known supplies to meet known demands. You need to either increase or accelerate the availability of supply transactions or decrease or delay demand transactions.


ATS can be calculated for any inventory item, including items that are consumed in the manufacturing process, kitted items, items with planned issuances to jobs, items that are purchased, items that are sold and items that are manufactured in-house. The information in the ATS dashboard can be used to show the need for production orders, as well as the need for purchase orders. It’s a very powerful tool and a more modern way to manage your inventory levels.

For more information or to set up a free, personalized demo of Carillon ERP, please contact:

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