Bailey Bark

Success Feature: Bailey Bark Materials

A fast-growing, family-run company

Seated in beautiful East Texas, Bailey Bark Materials is a large mulch materials distributer that serves the Texas and Louisiana areas. They offer a variety of products including high quality mulch, rock, playground materials, and grass. They started as a small trucking company run by the Bailey family. Now Bailey Bark has grown into a successful enterprise with locations in Nacogdoches, TX and Shreveport, LA.

As the business began growing bigger, Bailey Bark noticed that QuickBooks™ didn’t seem to meet their needs. It was taking too long to bill clients, there was difficulty tracking payables and receivables, and communication between the two offices was a burden. QuickBooks™ was never able to give Bailey Bark an accurate picture of their sales and inventory. In addition, the accounting software at each location weren’t talking to each other. Employees sometimes had to travel between states to pull information they needed, so they were losing time and revenue.

“When we had QuickBooks, we would have forty trucks and we would have to wait on our paperwork to come in…by the time we got the billing out, we were going into our third week.” – Jeff Bailey. President of Bailey Bark Materials.

Bailey Bark and Carillon® ERP

In 2015, Carillon was brought on to get Bailey Bark on track, especially to continue their growth. This wasn’t just an ordinary ERP software implementation either. The team at Carillon started by setting up a private cloud for the mulch company, which enabled them to both host their data in the cloud and share it easily between locations. And that was just the beginning.

After Carillon had set up the cloud and downloaded the initial ERP software, we set to work training the staff on how to best use the system and also identify what other features Bailey Bark might require from their ERP solution. Some of the enhancements Carillon built helped improve Bailey Bark’s dispatching capabilities and take into account their unique inventory details. This was helpful since the company uses its own trucks for product transportation.

Since Carillon® ERP’s implementation, Bailey Bark has enjoyed working in true real-time and the ability to access whatever information they need at a moment’s notice.

“…I’m able to pull up bank accounts, customers, payables…whatever I need to look at instead of actually having to drink to Shreveport and pull all their stuff manually. Now I’m able to just get in with the click of a button and find out whatever I need.” – Jennifer Harrell. Corporate Manager for Bailey Bark Materials.

Bailey Bark Materials has continued to thrive with Carillon® ERP’s support. To this day, Carillon is tailoring the software to better fit the company as Bailey Bark’s needs continue to change.

“With Carillon, we’re able to bill out daily which keeps our cash flow coming in and we’re much happier with that system. We’re not sitting here with a bunch of money out on the books like we were when we were with QuickBooks.” – Jeff Bailey