Big Benefits For Big Business

Your business is growing; can you keep up?

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Having a growing business is a wonderful thing. Your entrepreneurial dreams are coming true, employees are excited and you’re playing a successful role in the economy. What more could you ask for?

The answer to that question is Carillon® ERP.

In the lifecycle of a growing business, there is a point in which handling the operations becomes too much for the current methods being used. Whether you are managing alone or your various software systems cannot cohesively provide you with the data and insights you need, it gets to a point where it is out of your hands. But these things are great problems to have because a fully-integrated ERP software will benefit you and your business.

One of my favorite benefits of Carillon ® ERP is the organization. A ‘one-stop-shop’ for payroll, sales, inventory, costing, customer portals, production order processing, accounts payable, general ledger, staging, the list goes on, can be found in a single software solution.

As a result of this extraordinary organization, business functions are able to interrelate and work together presenting unified results. Because everything is in a single piece of technology, there is no need to worry about different elements not being able to ‘talk’ to each other or working counterproductively.  If you are still entering the same data into your accounting system, then your inventory system, then your contact management system, Carillon ® ERP will save you time by bringing your data-entry tasks down to one.

We all know communication is a key ingredient in business but let’s not forget how much communication is based on data and insights resulting from reports. Because the pace of business is so fast these days, waiting on reports to make a decision about KPI’s for the new sales team or delaying a ‘yes’ to the customer who wants to know if you have 45 widgets on hand for their order, is just not an option. Reports that are outdated by the time you finished generating them is hurting your bottom line. The next-generation ERP system, Carillon ® ERP, will benefit your business by developing automated and real-time reports, giving you an edge over your competition who is still using divided, manual systems. Having accurate reports with data and analytics that are reliable means the insights you derive will be effective and detail a clear picture of your business standings.

An often overlooked benefit of an ERP system is the additional collaboration across business functions. Your sales team may need new hire, Johnny Appleseed, to hit the ground running and generate quality leads but if he isn’t onboarded and entered as an employee by Human Resources, he can’t begin his promising career or produce sales results. The solution to this lack of conversation between departments lies in the implementation of Carillon ® ERP, which tracks workflows and tasks (among many other operations) to ensure the appropriate collaboration and communication between individuals is moving business forward rather than impeding it.

Carillon ® ERP seeks to streamline your business, providing you with cost-effective and efficient operational practices. As companies grow, inventory increases and hiring intensifies, the benefit of a full-integrated system is ease of mind. Knowing you have the resource to be successful at the click of a mouse allows you to focus on your customers and do what you do best!