Carillon 2015 Is Here And Packed With New Features!

At the beginning of the year, Carillon Financials Corporation released the newest version of Carillon ERP accounting software. Carillon 2015 is loaded with new features and functionality, including:

Enhanced System Popups

Carillon has completely redesigned popups that will make finding the information you need easier than ever.

First off, Carillon users can now completely customize their popups. Our clients can choose what information is shown in popups throughout the ERP system. The popups in Carillon 2015 will dynamically grow wider depending on the number of columns you would like to see, meaning that the windows can hold all the information you need.

This new version also supports advanced searches within popups columns. You can type as much or as little as you’d like in each column’s search bar, and Carillon will automatically narrow down the field. Our latest version also features column sorting, allowing you to see your information in either ascending or descending order. Popups can also be sorted based on multiple columns.

For a more detailed description of the new popups found in Carillon 2015, please watch this brief video tutorial.

Custom Report Menu Option

Carillon ERP previously gave clients that purchased our report writing feature the ability to create their own custom reports. With the new version, we have made that feature even more accessible.

Custom Reports

In Carillon 2015, custom reports will have their own primary menu option called “Custom,” which is next to the “System” menu. This will make it easier for clients that have the custom reporting feature to upgrade to new builds and versions.

Menu Item Maintenance has also been enhanced to make it easier to add new custom reports to the menu. All new reports will have an item index of 7 to fall under the new Custom menu option.

If you have Carillon’s custom reporting feature, you will automatically receive these enhancements. If you are interested in licensing our custom report feature, contact Caroline, whose contact information is below.

Wire ACHs/Wire Foreign Currency

Carillon has supported foreign currency transactions for our international clients for years. With Carillon 2015, we now also support ACH transactions for certain banks, as well as wires.

Updated W-2s and 2015 Tax Rates

Finally, Carillon 2015 includes updated W-2 forms to comply with the IRS’ newest revisions for 2014. Now, you don’t have to worry about finding the newest government changes for your employee W-2s – we’ve taken care of that for you.

For clients who use the Payroll feature, Carillon 2015 also includes the updated tax rates for the New Year. The newest version includes all changes to Federal and State Withholding forms/tax rates within the Carillon ERP system.

A complete list of all Carillon ERP changes is always available online at

Update now!

Are you an existing Carillon client on maintenance and want to get Carillon 2015? It’s available right now for download at For questions or help upgrading your ERP system, call your management team member directly or customer service and 1-800-437-4540.

For more information about Carillon 2015 or to set up a free, personalized demo of Carillon’s ERP software, please contact:

Caroline Stockard
Marketing & Sales Associate
972-437-2230 ext. 119