Why are Enhancements in Carillon Better?

Building the perfect ERP solution

While you’ve been researching prospective ERP solutions for your business, you’ve probably been looking at what kind of enhancements for ERP software you can take advantage of. Enhancements are basically features that you need, but don’t come in the basic ERP package offered by a vendor. Vendors usually offer these features through third-party applications that are supposed to work with your ERP software.

Customizing your software can be the most fun and rewarding part of implementation. Unfortunately, you may be held back from upgrading your software if you implement any of the third-party add-ons. This is because an upgrade from your ERP vendor may stop supporting the add-ons. You will have to decide to either find enhancements that are compatible with the new version, or decline an upgrade altogether.

This should not be the status quo that business owners find themselves dealing with. There should never be a reason why your business cannot have the most current, functioning version of their ERP software.

Keep your business ahead of the game

That’s a value that the team at Carillon holds dear. It’s why we don’t force our clients to patch together their ideal ERP solution through awkward third-party add-ons. Instead, we build the enhancements you want directly into the software. That way, no matter how many times you upgrade, your enhancements will always be available. We work hard so that you never have to worry about juggling add-ons when it’s time to upgrade.

Carillon makes your life easier. Don’t believe us? Contact one of our expert consultants today to hear more about how building enhancements directly into the software is the best way to customize an ERP solution.

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