Press Release: Carillon® ERP Increases Its SONIC® Franchisee Customer Base

DALLAS—Carillon® RP, a top 10 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution as ranked by the Journal of Accountancy, went live at Kinslow Sonic Group in Prague, Okla., Wednesday. Plans are also in place for Atwood Management Company, a SONIC® Drive-In franchisee headquartered in Ardmore, Okla., to go live in the coming month. This will be the third franchise using Carillon®ERP as its back office accounting system. Collectively, the three franchisees operate over 80 drive-ins.

Janet Moore, President and CEO of Moore Sonic Group in Pauls Valley, Okla., was the first franchisee to implement Carillon® ERP earlier this year. Moore says it was the software’s speed and ease of use that made it rise above the competition.

“The lag time between the different points in the process made my once-a-month task of writing checks take all afternoon. With Carillon, the same task takes 45 minutes or less,” says Moore.

After seeing her company’s productivity improve tremendously, Janet recommended the software to fellow franchisee, Gary Kinslow, owner of Kinslow Sonic Group. Kinslow says one of the most appealing features of Carillon® ERP is the built-in interface for KwikTag® document imaging. This feature has allowed Moore Sonic Group to eliminate most of its file cabinets and Kinslow plans to do the same.

The new deals with these franchises are in line with Carillon’s plan to increase its market share in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry. “Our current clients are improving their efficiency with Carillon® ERP, largely because we’ve tailored the software to each of their unique needs,” says Larry R. Pettit, President and CEO of Carillon® ERP, “Carillon is ideal for SONIC® franchisees and other QSRs because of its seamless integration with MICROS® and OrderMatic® POS systems, which are widely used in the industry.”

According to Pettit, the company’s biggest challenge in moving forward is getting noticed in such a large market. There are over 500 ERP software companies competing for market share, including big names like SAP and Oracle. However, as a more concentrated company with a single product, Pettit says Carillon has an advantage in that it is able to allocate all of its resources to improving its ERP software and providing support to its clients.

“Each of our clients works with the same team of support staff who get to know their business. This allows us to provide more personalized, direct support.”

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