The Know it now ® Philosophy and Carillon

What is the Know it now ® difference?

Know it now ® Management is an executive philosophy and is focused on the executives within an organization.  It requires executives to decide that they are no longer going to be satisfied with knowing how they did last month, last week, or even yesterday, not just financially, but in every important aspect of their organization.  Know it now ® requires them to want to know how they are doing today.  It further requires that the executives force their management team to also know how they are doing today.  It also permits the executives and management team to be notified of “exceptions” as they happen and as they are defined by each member of the management team.

Knowing about problems as they happen, or even before, provides the management team an opportunity to correct the problem immediately, or even before it happens.  Finding out about a problem the next day, or even later, may allow you to correct the problem but the cost in correcting it goes up exponentially.

Accountants may think of this as “continuous accounting”.  But it’s not just for the accountants.  It’s for the whole organization.

Carillon® ERP was designed to support Know It Now ® Management from its inception and it is the only ERP system that is Know It Now® Management Certified.  This is a rigorous certification that requires the following specifications focused on improving business.

Know it now ® requirements:

  • It is designed to be used by every possible person.

This includes people within the organization from the receptionist to the executives, the customers, vendors, salespeople, etc… meaning it has to be robust, but easy to use and flexible for multiple types of devices!

  • Year end is a simple process

Carillon doesn’t require any closing processes and users are allowed to have multiple periods/years open at any time. This means you never have to close one period/year before you can work on the next! And there aren’t any posting processes either!

  • You never have to purge data.

Purging data can be an annoyance at best and a bad practice at worst. Once data has been removed, it’s almost impossible to get back. What if you purge something that you later need to know? Carillon doesn’t force users to get rid of something they might need in the future.

  • There is a built-in approval process that can be used for almost every kind of transaction.

This helps streamline the process of entering transactions. And because Carillon doesn’t segment data, every approved transaction is instantly available throughout the entire software.

  • It has cloud flexibility.

Carillon works over a private cloud that can be hosted in a public cloud, if desired. We believe you should have the ability to host your solution however you want!

  • Everything is fully integrated

Carillon has fully integrated Contact Resource Management (CRM) and document imaging with KiwkTag™. It also includes integration with Microsoft 365 Office™.

And there’s even more

  • It has to work with more than just one industry.

The solution works in almost any industry including manufacturing, distribution, construction, and even includes support for non-profit organizations.

  • It runs with the latest technology.

This includes Microsoft SQL Server 2017, which supports temporal access to your data.  Temporal data allows you to retrieve data as it was at any point in the past – which helps when users need to discover how changes beyond the most recent were made.

  • The solution scales to any size organization with any volume of transactions.

Scaling to any size organization means the solution has to be flexible. If it truly embodies Know it now ® management philosophies, then it supports unlimited companies (legal entities), branched, and warehouse locations. Carillon takes it a step further. The software also allows you to use unlimited languages and currencies.

  • It automatically records all company receivable and payable transactions.

This feature, among all the others, allows executives to know how their business is performing at any time!

If you’d like to learn more about Know It Now ® Management or how Carillon® ERP has implemented its principles, please call Larry R. Pettit, CPA, CITP, CGMA at 800-739-9933 extension 101.

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