Carillon Puts New Tax Rates on Paychecks


See lower taxes on your paychecks with Carillon

If there’s anything we understand here at Carillon® ERP, it’s that money matters. Last December, Congress passed the latest round of tax cuts for the American people. People everywhere are now anxious to start seeing the benefits from the cuts on their paychecks.

As soon as the bill passed, we went to work to make sure that the new rates would be reflected on our users’ paychecks. We are happy to announce that the lower rates will be reflected on the next round of paychecks!

This is just one of many ways that Carillon is committed to keeping our clients up to date and relevant. We know how important it is to make sure your business is keeping up with new laws and regulations. This especially applies to factors that impact how much money your employees receive in their paychecks. Happy employees directly create a more motivated and productive workplace, according to Fortune. Carillon values helping our clients achieve the most effective/efficient workplace.

More than just paychecks

There’s another awesome way that Carillon® ERP keeps our clients ahead of the game. We have supported SQL Server 2017 since the day it was released! Other ERP vendors have been noticeably silent on this, but not us! We are proud that our clients can already implement the great new features provided by SQL Server 2017.

So between getting your employees more money on their paychecks and giving your business the ability to harness the latest tech, Carillon® ERP proves that we stand with you every step of the way. Interested in learning more? Reach out to us at to speak with one of our Carillon experts today!

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