Cut Transaction Time with Intercompany Transactions!


For large companies with multiple entities, entering transactions in order to pay vendors can be a long and drawn out process. In most ERP systems, you must enter separate vouchers (vendor invoices) for each company. Not only is this tedious and time consuming, but it also means that vendors receive several checks from the company on different days and times. It is also typical to have to print separate checks to pay each company voucher, even if all your companies use the same vendor.

With Carillon®ERP, you can reduce transaction time with intercompany transactions. For instance, let’s say you have multiple companies who purchase supplies from the same XYZ Corporation.   You can have each company enter in their vouchers, then pay XYZ Corporation for all companies’ vouchers with one check, from one main account.  Carillon ERP creates all the needed intercompany transactions behind the scenes!  This saves time and cuts down on the checks you have to reconcile.  You can also enter in a bill from a vendor and split it between multiple companies at the time you enter your voucher.  All intercompany transactions are done automatically.

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