ERP Software Selection and Customer Support


You should take the time during the selection process to understand the customer service support plans available when purchasing a new ERP system. Here are some support related questions that you might consider asking when you are making an important ERP software selection:


1. When making this purchase, who would be providing your support? Is this person a dealer or developer?

Typically, you are assigned a reputable dealer who you call to ask any questions. However, you could also be given a developer. One of the advantages of having a dealer as your support provider is that they are generally local and, depending on the situation, may be able to provide on-site support quicker. However, be aware that your dealer may not have all of the credentials, licensing and codes that are necessary to fix or make changes to your system. Having a developer assist you is beneficial because they know the product extremely well. They work and build the product every day; therefore, changes that need to be made can easily be done because they have the necessary access, permissions and credentials.

2. Will you be assigned a specific team to help during the implementation process?

Having one team assist you throughout the installation and training phases will make getting the right support you need much quicker. With a majority of ERP providers, you will have to work with the customer service department during your implementation. Often, you will not be given a chance to receive ongoing one-on-one attention to specific issues and the process of getting the right answers could take longer.

3. Is the customer support based in the U.S.A?

If so, having your questions answered could be faster and more convenient.


Carillon®ERP was proudly developed in the U.S.A and is committed to providing U.S based customer support. Carillon will also assist you throughout the entire implementation process. With the installation of your Carillon®ERP software, you will be given one team that specifically works along with you. This team will work with you onsite during implementation, and will follow up with you onsite periodically even after your implementation is complete. This team will include:

  • A software developer who builds and tests Carillon’s software every day. This person knows everything there is to know about Carillon and will make the requested customizations you need.
  • A quality assurance staff member who can test scenarios and will be there to answer any questions you might have along the way.
  • A senior manager who can advise you on the best way to implement changes to your system.

This makes your support team not only experts in how Carillon®ERP works, but also in how you are using it. For more information, please see our Support Brochure under ‘Expert Support’. For questions or to schedule a demo, please contact us at 972-437-2230 or by email at Sales@CarillonERP.

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