Get Fast Data With Carillon® ERP

You’ve decided it’s time to pick a new ERP solution? That’s great! There are a lot of specifics to consider, but let’s talk about possibly the most important one: fast data. In order to keep pace with the digital transformation of businesses today, you need to have quick access to current data. There isn’t anyone who provides that better than Carillon® ERP. Our ERP solution gives you fast data in four major ways: real-time functionality, we do not make you use a browser, we support SQL Server 2017, and multi-window functionality.

You’ve probably heard the term “real-time” thrown around a lot when it comes to ERP. Don’t buy into it so easily. Many vendors grossly overstate just how immediate their software is. In actuality, your data may not be updated until the next day or, at best, hours after you make an entry. That’s not good enough. A solution that truly functions in real-time will never make you wait for the information you need for your company. In Carillon® ERP, you are assured that any approved transaction you save is instantly available throughout the entire solution. When implemented using Know It Now® Management, there is no month-end or year-end close necessary to get your data.  You always have access to financial and managerial data immediately.

Real-time data is fast data

“I think it’s a lot better that Carillon does work in real-time. I can get all the information that I need, especially whenever I have somebody in another office that…needs me to look at the image or document or account codes that they’ve used. I can help them right then and there.” –Araceli Rivera. Accountant for Bailey Bark Materials.

Have you ever bought anything online in a browser?  Was it fast?  Can you imagine having to enter 1,000 transactions per day using a browser?  Carillon ERP has a portal for customers, vendors, outside salespeople, and employees who are at home or outside the office that runs in a browser.  There are times when a browser makes sense.  However, the core of Carillon® ERP runs in an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) application available to you anywhere in the world through a private encrypted cloud on almost any device you might have with you.

Carillon® ERP supported Microsoft SQL Server 2017 the day it was released.  The speed that it brings to the organization helps immensely.  You should never license a system that doesn’t support it.

The fourth feature that helps streamline the Carillon experience is having MDI functionality. Carillon users have the ability to open multiple windows at a time, so they can keep as much information open as they need. There is no flipping back page after page to find a crucial piece of information. In Carillon, everything you need is kept right in front of you for easy access

Getting fast data is easy

Don’t settle for slower when it comes to your company’s data. Carillon® ERP knows that you need fast data in order to make the right decisions for business growth. We give you that, and so much more through our US-based support team that’s there for you every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn more about how Carillon® ERP gives businesses a competitive edge with access to time-sensitive data.

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