Why Flexibility is Vital for an ERP Solution

What does flexibility mean?

When selecting an ERP solution, you have to consider how the solution will grow with your business. As you open new locations and hire new staff, will your ERP software reach a limit before you are done? Many vendors force you to pay for more users, locations, languages, etc. At Carillon, we believe that you should never have to pay for success. That’s why we pride ourselves on the flexibility offered with our solution.

Carillon® ERP supports an unlimited number of users, locations, and anything you might need to increase as your business continues to succeed. Want to open a new branch overseas? No problem! Setting up new locations, with multiple languages and currencies, is simple and painless in our ERP solution.

Taking flexibility a step further

Carillon® ERP embodies flexibility in more ways than one. Our staff works hard to make sure that the solution is the right fit for your business. You do not need to shop around for the perfect solution, because we build it for you! We can fill any unique need you have for your solution. The Carillon support team does not rest until you have your hands on your dream ERP software.

Enhancements built directly into the software is so important for multiple reasons. For one, you never have to worry about juggling updates across third party add-ons. Another is having a one stop shop for all your support needs. You’ll deal one on one with the same people who built your solution. Calling customer service has never been more efficient and direct!

So if you value flexibility in your ERP solution, visit the Carillon website today to see how else we can help your business reach its goals!

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