Panorama Predicts Tier III Growth for 2013

Eric Kimberling of Panorama Consulting recently wrote that Tier I and Tier II companies (like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft) will continue to lose market share to Tier III companies like Carillon in 2013. The following is our take on the four reasons for this phenomenon:

1. The battle between best of breed and single ERP solutions. Most companies lean towards solutions in a cyclical fashion, first driven away from a single source, on premise solutions due to large costs and risks involved. Then, back to them based on their flexibility, standardization, and integration.

2. An ERP system cannot be everything to everyone. Many of the larger single source ERP’s loose the flexibility to make a solution unique to individual business in the interest of standardization. Tier III companies maintain the individual operating methods of business while integrating the resulting information for increased efficiencies.

3. Tier III companies, like Carillon® ERP, have lower up-front software and implementation costs. It’s just that simple.

4. Lower implementation risks. Tier III vendors are easier to implement and are less disruptive to business proceedings. With CFOs, CIOs, and COOs being more risk adverse in the coming year, this is a key point for many growing companies.

Carillon® ERP is one of the few solutions that combine the flexibility, standardization, and integration one expects with Tier I solutions, with the lowered risk and initial investment of Tier III solutions. The customizations built into Carillon’s core scalable software make each implementation a niche solution that is easy to expand and update. It’s features like these that makes us one of the top 10 ERP solutions in the nation.  We are looking forward to elevating more organizations to higher operating efficiencies and greater profits in 2013.


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