Paperless Office


For over a decade, companies have been told to strive for a paperless environment. Until recently, efforts have been largely ineffective or impractical. Carillon®ERP’s integration with KwikTag® is so harmonious that Carillon clients are finally turning that fantasy into a reality. Carillon®ERP, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, with document management powered by KwikTag, is the electronic solution to capture, store, search, retrieve and distribute data. KwikTag is seamlessly integrated into the Carillon®ERP system so that you can instantly see all the documents associated with a particular order, vendor, customer, journal entry, etc.

Part of the reason that Carillon’s Document Imaging is so successful is because of the way the interface has been built. KwikTag’s patented barcoding capabilities allow documents to be scanned either before or after the document has been entered into Carillon. Once scanned, you can then retrieve the document through Carillon by clicking a “Launch” button. You can also retrieve the document through KwikTag’s powerful search engine, which allows you to search based on any word contained in the document.

Document Management Process:


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