Protecting Second Amendment Rights Through Education

Larry R. Pettit, President of Carillon ERP, is offering all employees the opportunity to take the training required to legally obtain a Texas Concealed Handgun License. On Monday, January 21st employees from Carillon ERP’s Dallas headquarters will meet to take advantage of this benefit and learn more about their second amendment rights.

In Pettit’s eyes, no harm can come from being more informed and educated about this subject. He strongly believes that a deeper education leads to more informed decisions and makes “people less likely to surrender their rights and liberties.” He does not want people to give up their liberties in hopes of increased personal safety unless they truly know what it is they are relinquishing.


In an email to his employees, Pettit explains his reasoning for the Concealed Handgun License training: “This training will help you understand your second amendment rights and the rights, responsibilities, and restrictions that come with gun ownership and concealed carry in the State of Texas. No matter how you feel about the current controversy regarding guns in America, the knowledge gained in this course can be very valuable and I encourage you to accept this opportunity.”


Furthermore, Pettit thinks that many people in this country have misconceptions about gun ownership and the extent that gun ownership laws can actually make this country safer. Here again, he believes education is the answer.  


Pettit stated: “I have taken this course myself from Phil Ryan, an Advanced Police Instructor and Police Academy Instructor, at the Texas Concealed Carry Institute in McKinney.  I would recommend it to anybody who wants to learn more about their second amendment rights as well as non-violent dispute resolution. I learned many things from that course, and I look forward to Carillon ERP employees coming to their own informed conclusions as well.”

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