Slick New Functionality for Carillon ERP

The newest edition of Carillon ERP software will include enhanced distribution and import functionality. Multiple containers can be consolidated, warehoused, and shipped between branches and companies while maintaining accounting accuracy and real-time forecasting. Even the larger players in the ERP field (Microsoft, Sage, SAP, etc) cannot accurately handle these types of landed cost calculations, making Carillon ERP the best solution for any company that ships in containers. Our solution can also track duty on purchase orders and create ready-to-file Custom’s Declarations. In conjunction with Carillon’s powerful multi-company and multi-warehouse capabilities, Carillon ERP’s new container processing functions can keep up with the complexities of any business.


Carillon ERP also outperforms its competitors in real-time functionality. Our customers can’t imagine going back to Great Plains, Epicor, Navision, etc.; Waiting hours or days to have business information is unacceptable after knowing that the information can be available immediately. It’s like choosing a Walkman when you know MP3 players exist. We intend to keep this lead by regularly improving our software and keeping pace with not only what customers need immediately, but also what they might need in the future. To find out more about Carillon ERP and why we are in the lead, please contact us today.

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