SONIC® Franchisee Increases Productivity With Carillon® ERP

The search for and implementation of a new ERP system is never an easy process. For the Moore family, who owns a franchise of more than 30 SONIC® drive-in locations, the search for an ERP system to replace their Sage ERP 100® (formerly MAS 90®) system was no different. Their MAS 90® system was extremely complicated, very tedious, and growing increasingly slow. However, the benefits of their new system, Carillon® ERP, along with the superb training, support, and customer service that Carillon provides have not only made the trials and tribulations of switching systems worth it, but they also made the process easier than expected according to Janet Moore the owner and CEO of the franchise.

Since switching to Carillon® ERP, Moore Sonic Group runs more quickly, efficiently, and productively. This stems from numerous factors, including having a system that was designed to be used company wide, that was made to handle very large amounts of data, and that functions more intuitively and with fewer steps. Additionally, Carillon® ERP processes data in real time, so there is no waiting for data to post overnight or be “pushed” from the server. All data immediately updates throughout the entire system when you hit the “Save” button and can then be accessed from any location. Carillon® ERP also has many features like its document imaging system, KwikTag® by ImageTag®. This feature has sped up the communication and data transfer between all of the drive-in locations and the franchise office by making data and document entry easy as well as making this information instantly viewable, which also eliminated the need for documents to be mailed or faxed.  Moore Sonic Groups’s franchise office also benefits from WebPack, Carillon® ERP’s online web portal. With this functionality, their payroll clerks no longer have to deal with making changes to employees’ W-4s or take time to fulfill employees’ requests to mail out old pay stubs. WebPack empowers Moore Sonic Groups’ employees to complete simple changes by themselves and find and print their personal payroll information. These features, and many many others, have made Moore Sonic Group much more efficient and productive, proving that their Carillon® ERP implementation was extremely worthwhile.

Carillon® ERP’s immense amount of functionality and willingness to develop the product to meet all of their specific needs has truly benefited Moore Sonic Group. This manifests in everything from not having to go through a year-end close to their improved POS system, OrderMatic®, interface. Lastly, Carillon’s in-depth, on-site training combined with their high level of support and customer service reduced many of the difficulties most companies experience during an implementation, making the process quicker, simpler, and less painful.


“One of the most unexpected benefits of Carillon is the level of customer service, support, and training they give their clients,” explains Kristi Bourne, office manager.

For Moore Sonic Group, the arrival of Carillon® ERP has meant a quickening of day-to-day tasks, a system with fewer hassles and far more functionality, and a company that works hand in hand with them to meet all of their needs and make the system run as problem free as possible.

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