Temporal Data Functionality Release

Introducing a new Carillon feature!

Carillon is happy to announce the release of a new tool for our ERP solution: Temporal Data! In previous blogs, we discussed how the concept of temporal data can be incredibly helpful to business owners. By providing snapshots of past data, controllers can better understand their business trends and problems.

Clients would need to be using the latest SQL Server 2017 in order to access this feature. Our team of experts will be more than glad to get your organization set up with SQL.

Temporal Data is just the next step in our mission to provide clients with the latest technologies for their organizations.

Temporal DataSo what will Carillon’s Temporal Data do?

Temporal Data will give you the ability to see all the past changes in a transaction’s history. This applies to sales orders, production orders, item maintenance, and more. The data shown will include what was changed and who made the change. Armed with these records, business leaders will be able to identify issues and make informed decisions on how to address them.

And there is a need for this! Many clients have asked us how they can see changes in their historical data. That’s why we built this new functionality for them and all future clients. We believe in continuing to develop our software to meet client needs. Carillon will never stop getting better for you.

Temporal Data will be an incredibly valuable asset to your organization. If you would like more information about implementing this feature into your business solution, feel free to reach out to Carillon staff today with any questions.

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