Unlimited Years of History

Eliminating the Need to Purge Your ERP Data

When searching for ERP Software, make sure you understand how many years of history you can retain online. Most ERP systems force you to purge or move your data to an offline status after several years.  There are several significant ramifications when you can’t keep all of your data online:

  • It becomes necessary to print all of your ledgers and journals and store them to provide historical access to information;
  • It severely limits the amount of customer and vendor history that is readily available for reorder purposes;
  • It forces you to create a separate, expensive data warehouse for business intelligence (BI) needs such as trend analysis and other analytics.

Carillon®ERP was designed to allow you to retain unlimited years of data online. In fact, Carillon®ERP doesn’t have purge routines because they’re not necessary. Since you can keep unlimited years of history online without purging, your audit trail will always be immediately available.

You can certainly print all of your ledgers and journals as of the end of every period/year and stuff them into a filing cabinet, but there’s no need to. With Carillon ERP, you can print any part of your audit trail (ledgers and journals) as of any period/year in the past at any time.

Carillon®ERP is able to store historical data forever. It is currently one of the few accounting software systems that provide this capability.

Watch this short video now for a more in-depth look at Unlimited Years of History in Carillon®ERP.

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