5 Reasons to Chat with Carillon at WSWA 2018

Getting Pumped for WSWA 2018?

Carillon® ERP is gearing up to attend the WSWA 75th Convention on April 30-May 3! We are very excited to meet with professionals in the Wine and Spirits Distribution industry – from companies of all sizes. Not to mention spending time in the vibrant city of Las Vegas! Attendees of WSWA 2018 can find our booth in the Octavius Ballroom right next to the Competition Stage.

But we know that you will be busy. There will be a lot going on at WSWA 75, so we’re going to make it a little easier to justify visiting with Carillon® ERP at our booth. Below are some excellent reasons to meet with us!

Top 5 Reasons to Chat

  • Make Connections with Proven ERP Leaders

Carillon has over 25 years of experience in the ERP business. We’ve seen it all and know that every business is unique in its needs. With installations around the world, we have worked with a large variety of companies – from big to small. Our flexible functionality means it can fit into any business model.

  • Gain New Ideas and Knowledge about Best Business Practices

Carillon is always developing and changing to meet the growing needs of the business industry, especially when it comes to Beverage Distribution. WSWA 2018 is the perfect place to meet with experts at Carillon to discuss the latest trends and how your business can capitalize on them.

  • Learn How Carillon offers more functionality than any other ERP solution

It’s great for us to keep saying that we give our clients more functionality than any other solution, but it’s so much better for us to show you instead. Meet with a Carillon team member to see firsthand how our ERP solution is the best choice for your business.

  • Discover why comprehensive ERP will improve your business performance

Do you need ERP? This is a fair question, and it is important for owners to evaluate their needs when deciding to invest in an ERP package. However, there are many ways that a truly comprehensive ERP solution, such as Carillon, will make your business perform better.

  • Hear About the Latest Technological Advancements from Carillon

What has Carillon already done? And what is in Carillon’s future? We are always continuing to change and grow so that our clients have access to technology that keeps them a step ahead of the competition. Discover what innovations we have already implemented and what the next steps are for our solution.

We can’t wait to see you at WSWA 2018! If you’d like to set up an opportunity to speak outside of the Exhibit Halls, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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