5 Reasons to be Thankful for Your ERP

Thanksgiving is the perfect time pause and reflect on the things that make our lives happier and more productive. Technology has shot forward in the past few decades, turning many theoretical ideas into realities for business. Here are the top 5 reasons to be thankful for your current ERP solution.


    1. Instant Transaction Posting– Do you remember the days of written ledgers? Can you imagine a company like GE® or PepsiCo® posting transactions in batches that way? Eekk! Today’s software makes transactions, postings, and closings simple and instantaneous.
    2. Smart Available to Sell Calculation– The closer you are to knowing what you have in inventory and what you could have given lead time, the lower inventory you need to keep on hand. This frees up money in the bank. Since this process is virtually instant and automated, you don’t need a team of people counting inventory every night.
    3. Custom Solutions– In our 20 plus years of business, we have satisfied some very niche customers and coordinated some wild business processes. Whether you are selling rubber to tire companies or flux capacitors to the DeLorean Motor Company®, there is an ERP solution out there that can match and optimize your business flow.
    4. Remote Access to Financials– Before the days of WiFi on airplanes and free Internet at restaurants, people had to physically go into the office to know what was going on with their company. No one could check on sales at the golf course or monitor month end close from the beach.
    5. Integration– The direct flow of information between the multitude of functions in an ERP solution save companies millions of valuable work hours every year. We should all be truly thankful that we no longer have to set up vast networks of interlinked Excel sheets to forecast or enter the same information into several different applications.

Carillon is deeply thankful for our loyal customers, dedicated team members, and interested viewers like you. From our team here at Carillon Financials Corporation to your friends and family, Happy Thanksgiving! Please have a safe holiday and we will see you on Monday.

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