Why Businesses Should Adopt the Know it now ® Philosophy

Right now, Carillon® ERP is the only Know it now ® certified solution on the market. That’s a big deal. The Know it now ® philosophy asks more of solutions than any other certification. This isn’t to be impossible, but to raise expectations so that clients benefit from a superior system.

For too long, businesses have accepted a status quo from ERP providers. That is not good enough anymore. The business world is changing quickly and we are quickly leaving behind outdated ERP systems (meaning we are leaving behind the users too).

We increasingly require controllers and accountants to make quick decisions that are easier with immediate and up-to-date information. This is difficult when businesses are not using practices outlined in the Know it now ® management system. We overlook inefficiencies in all businesses, and Know it now ® aims to clean those out.

The three main goals of this philosophy are:

  • Increase the availability of data
  • Improve the accuracy of data
  • Maintain a cohesive network within your organization

And how does Know it now ® accomplish this?

The management system ensures many things that give businesses the control to be as efficient as possible. The first, and most important, is that the ownership of data needs to lie solely in the hands of operators – no one else. The person closest to the generation of a transaction is responsible for ensuring that it is entered timely and accurately. This keeps records up to date at all times because it doesn’t allow for the passing of the torch, so to speak.

Other methods of evaluation include the privacy of a company’s data and its protection.  These are basics that should be considered when implementing a new ERP solution or reevaluating your existing one.

Speaking of ERP solutions, why would you want a provider that thinks their solution is your answer without knowing anything about your business? Custom enhancements are the glue of a successful ERP implementation. No basic solution is perfect for you, so find a vendor that is willing to work with you to custom fit the software to your business needs – just like Carillon® ERP does!

There are many more ways that a Know it now ® certified solution will improve your business processes, but our White Paper explains it so much better!

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