Carillon Supports AlwaysOn in SQL Server

In the past, how crippling has the loss of your SQL server been to your company? For hours, you couldn’t process sales orders, find customer contact information, track inventory, pr anything else. That loss of productivity is devastating and costly, but it can be avoided with something called AlwaysOn.

Problem solving with AlwaysOn in Carillon

Did you know that SQL Server now offers a feature called AlwaysOn automatic failover, the sole purpose of which is to prevent these costly outages. The AlwaysOn feature takes two separate SQL servers and joins them together in an Availability Group. The primary server works with Carillon as normal, but takes an additional step: it sends all of the changing data to a secondary SQL server.

The secondary server stays up to date on every single piece of data contained within your database, in real time. It becomes a critical piece to your disaster recovery plan if the primary server has a failure. You won’t have to wait (and losing money) while your technical support team works to find out what happened to the SQL server and bring it back online. Now you simply activate your secondary server and resume business with minimal downtime (we’re talking only minutes)!

Consider how much productive time and money you would save if you used the AlwaysOn feature. The return on investment makes the decision easy.

If you are tired of worrying about running your business when your server goes down, contact Carillon ERP today. We can implement this feature for you, resulting in peace of mind for you!