Why Carillon does document imaging better

What’s the deal with document imaging?

A simple way to get your company on board with digital transformation: document imaging. Despite the world of business growing at an incredible rate, many companies still do things the old fashioned way. Especially when it comes to handling documents. Even technical data is often still kept on paper.

What’s the main goal of document imaging? Essentially, it’s to move your business to the paperless office. There are many benefits to this beyond just saving physical space. In addition, businesses can use document imaging to easily insert/attach information to transactions, generate documents with the click of a button, and increases efficiency by making all data searchable. There are so many others, but these have the greatest impact on how your business functions. Why make employees dig through paper stacks for important information? Instead, give them the capability to quickly and digitally search for info directly in the software. Save time and money with document imaging.

The Carillon difference

In Carillon® ERP, we fully integrate document imaging into the software with KwikTag™. This not only makes the paperless office possible, but also dramatically increases the efficiency of document storage and retrieval. If you need even more reasons:

  • Carillon completely builds and supports the integration
  • No more need to scan as each transaction is entered
  • Carillon handles all upgrades and future support
  • We include integration in the core ERP solution with no extra payment for access!

Why is Carillon’s integration better? Because too often Document Imaging providers will attempt to integrate with ERP solutions and the vendors choose not to participate. When the ERP vendor doesn’t play a role, document imaging can be the opposite of efficient. That’s why Carillon takes an active role in integration – so you get all the possible benefits!

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