Future Thinking for Carillon ERP

These are exciting times at Carillon ERP.  Carillon is committed to remaining the technology leader in ERP systems with future thinking. This has been keeping us VERY busy.  To demonstrate this, in conjunction with the release of Carillon ERP 2018, we have made the following leaps in technology.

Future thinking brings results:

  • If you’re using Skype for Business as your phone system, you can dial the phone directly from the Contact Maintenance window merely by clicking the dial icon.
  • Carillon ERP supports Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (no one else is talking about this):
    • Carillon ERP’s new temporal data feature is awesome and will show extreme detail of who made what changes in the system.
    • We support SQL Server’s automatic failover feature so if your primary database server crashes for whatever reason, you can keep on working.
    • The software supports memory tables which can dramatically speed up the Carillon ERP application.

More upgrades to our functionality

  • Carillon has upgraded our integration with KwikTag to work with the newest releases of KwikTag. The clients who are using this feature for fully integrating imaging love it.
  • Portal development is continuing:
    • We are continuously enhancing the Employee Portal
    • Customer portal has new functionality
    • Vendor portal can now update delivery dates on purchase orders
    • The fully integrated Ecommerce site has many enhancements coming
    • The Salesperson portal has really taken off with one of our largest and oldest clients, and they are reporting that 75% of their orders are now being entered by remote salespeople on the portal!
  • Fully integrated payment processing using the world’s largest gateway, Authorize.Net, is popular and making credit card processing much faster and easier than having non-integrated devices.
  • Release of tablet, phone, and watch applications are imminent, which will dramatically change how you use the Carillon ERP system!

You can rely on Carillon ERP to continue to be a leader in the adoption and release of new technology.  Please feel free to contact Larry at LRPettit@PettitCO.com if you would like more information about these leaps in technology.