Little Changes, Big Impact: The User Interface

ERP implementation and adoption is not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. It takes time, money, training, planning, and everything in between to have a successful implementation. The last thing you want is for the end users to have difficulty using the system and/or be dissatisfied with how it looks and feels.


Here at Carillon we realize that the User Interface plays a significant part in the ease of system adoption as well as the level of satisfaction end users have with the system. For this reason, Carillon® ERP allows each individual user to choose how the system appears to them. They can choose the colors, modify the popups, and determine if and when they want to hear sounds with messages and alerts. While these personalization aspects may not seem like the most important things in the world, sometimes minor details make a big impact.

CarillonERP is not only dedicated to making a high-quality product, we are also dedicated to helping our clients make their business better. And it is our belief that empowering and satisfying end users will lead to more productivity and higher quality work. We all know that change is hard and that it only gets harder the more it’s resisted. Being able to make the new ERP system look and feel more like the old one might make it a little easier for an end user to understand and use, thus reducing the time it takes to get everything running as it should. Essentially, Carillon® ERP gives you the best of both worlds: end users are more satisfied with the system, potentially even their jobs, and the company gets more productive workers.


The question is, if you have the ability to give your employees minor control that makes a big impact why wouldn’t you?

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