Quit Rekeying: Use Carillon’s Interface to MICROS

MICROS® is a leading Point-of-Sale (POS) system for a variety of different industries, including hotels and resorts, retail shops, and food and beverage establishments. The POS software giant, which was recently acquired by Oracle Corporation, has been a popular solution with industry customers for years.

In addition to MICROS, savvy franchisees have chosen Carillon ERP as their back-office accounting system, payroll and HR. Our ERP system is a perfect compliment to MICROS because we integrate seamlessly with their time entry and daily sales summary functionality.

Why is purchasing an ERP software that integrates with MICROS so important for your company? When posting your company’s daily sales, why would you want to manually rekey the information from MICROS into your ERP system, increasing the chance for errors? With Carillon ERP, our system does the work for you, ensuring that your data is accurate and saving your fingers hours of typing.

MICROS import

Our MICROS interface also makes your payroll processes a breeze. When paychecks are due and your employees have put their time into MICROS, getting that information into Carillon ERP is simple. Our sophisticated interface will keep you from manually entering your employee’s hours into an accounting system. With a quick click of a button, Carillon allows you to post your payroll in record time!

Carillon also helps you distribute your employee’s paychecks with our web portal WebPack. Employees can also update their personal information, get their W-2 forms, see their year-to-date payroll summaries, get employment verification and more from wherever they have internet access. For more information, read our WebPack blog here. (http://carillonerp.com/blog/webpack-online-portal/)

We also interface with OrderMatic® and Eight™! Visit CarillonERP.com/QSR for more information.

If you’re interested in purchasing Carillon ERP for your business, please give us a call and schedule your free Carillon demo. We would be happy to show you in person how our system works with your POS system.

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Marketing & Sales Associate
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