Real-Time Functionality

iStock_000013297640_XXXLarge-2Some systems take a painfully long time to upload transactions. Updating data can be an overnight process and completing simple tasks could take hours. From its inception, Carillon ERP was designed to be used company-wide and to process very large amounts of data with ease. This means those who use it will never experience their system “slowing down” like they may have before. This can have tremendous effects on your day-to-day business operations and productivity.

Unlike other systems, data entered into Carillon ERP gets posted immediately throughout the entire system; it does not require any push down from the server or batch processing. The transactions entered update immediately and are available literally right after it’s entered. Due to the instantaneous updates, there is no need to go through the arduous process of year or month-end closing. You no longer have to close one period or year before working on another. This includes W-2s in payroll and 1099s in Accounts Payable, saving you countless overtime hours.



For more information or to set up a free, personalized demo of Carillon’s ERP software, please contact:

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