Shipping with CarillonERP- Infographic

With Carillon’s 25 years of business, there are lot of moments we have experienced many different techniques in accomplishing the same end results for both our industry and that of our Carillon®ERP clients. One of our goals is to spread the wealth of knowledge that Carillon acquires, helping to improve the way a business operates. This is a part of our Know it now® management philosophy.

In Warehouse Management, the name of the game is accuracy and efficiency. Our motto is;

“EVERYTHING that is supposed to be on the truck is on the truck and ONLY what is supposed to be on the truck is on the truck”

­Shipping the wrong item, sending an item to the wrong destination, or even missing an item all together can cause lasting negative effects on customer or client relationships. Organized shipping and warehouse efficiency are vital to productivity and success as warehouse managers.

Of course there are many different ways to maximize productivity in a warehouse but Carillon®ERP is sharing a methodology that many of our clients find success with.

Carillon® ERP’s capabilities in warehouse management solutions incorporate an enterprise-wide strategy that align with the long-term needs of an organization. While the process is fully customizable to your operational preferences, products, even facility design, the ‘out-of-the-box’ Carillon®ERP warehouse management functionality can save you time in error-prone manual processes and money lost through mismanagement, shrinkage and dissatisfied customers.





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