Carillon’s Threefold Support


Carillon offers very flexible support plans for our ERP software. You can choose from four different support packages, which have varying levels of support based on your organization’s needs. You can also receive support on a per-incident basis. Our plans feature:

Hands-On Instruction

ERP software cannot be successful unless each user receives adequate instruction. We provide you with the in-depth instruction you need by offering exceptional on-site instruction sessions. We also provide both over-the-shoulder user instruction as well as train-the-trainer instruction. You choose who on your team to contact on a call-by-call basis.

Get As Much Or As Little Support As You Need

Our phone and email support is second to none because the person who answers your questions will be knowledgeable about your business. Because we provide you with your personal U.S.-based support team, you’ll never need to deal with call centers or long wait times.

Carillon Support Forum

Carillon has one of the most robust ERP online support forums available at Every client has access to the forum and can post enhancement requests and questions to be answered by a member of the Carillon support team.

For more information about our support plans or to set up a free, personalized demo of Carillon’s ERP software, please contact:

Caroline Stockard
Marketing & Sales Associate
972-437-2230 ext. 119