No Other ERP Solution has Temporal Data

Temporal Data is drastically underrepresented in the ERP world. Carillon experts do not understand why major ERP providers are dragging their feet to get their clients access to this incredibly useful functionality.

Maybe they don’t know about it yet. Maybe they don’t care. Or maybe they can’t make it work yet.

That is too bad for them, but it’s not a problem for Carillon® ERP. Since the day of SQL Server 2017’s release, we have supported its integration with our solution. That means our clients got access to Temporal Data, AutoFailover, and more functionality first.

Don’t you want to be the first to introduce new tech within your organization?

Temporal Data gives organizations the unique ability to see data exactly how it appeared in the past, and also how it was changed. This helps immensely with problem solving. Users can now find process inconsistencies quickly and implement strategies to fix them almost immediately. With Carillon, a team of experts support them and assist with implementation and training on new functionalities.

There is no reason that clients should not get the latest functionalities from their ERP providers, and they should never have to settle for the status quo. That’s why Carillon works tirelessly to be the most innovate ERP solution on the market. We are constantly developing our solution that stay ahead of the curve.

Along with a personal touch of US based support, clients benefit significantly from teaming up with Carillon® ERP.

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