Top Reasons to Choose Carillon ERP


Historical Data (Unlimited Years of History)Temporal Data

Bringing you the latest functionality in ERP software

Because Carillon® ERP supports SQL Server 2017, we are able to provide our clients with access to the latest innovations for business solutions. One of these is Temporal Data – a way to look at historical changes within your software. This allows you to discover how problems occur in your organization and give you data to solve them!

Many clients have said that fixing problems in their business would be much easier if they were able to see past changes that were made. Temporal Data shows you every change in a transaction or file’s history and also who made it. This is an invaluable tool to keeping your business functioning at the best possible level.

Temporal Data will show you changes for things like:

  • Sales Orders
  • Production Orders
  • Item Maintenance
  • Price Files
  • And more…

Check out a demo of this new feature!

We highly recommend this feature for our clients. If you are interested in implementing Temporal Data into your organization, reach out to us today! We will assist in getting you completely set up, including user training.