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“I like being able to call Carillon developers when I have a question. With the Carillon system, you are able to speak to the developers and they are always there to help.” - Laurie Williams-Bishop, Gainesville Foundry

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For over 100 years, Gainesville Foundry has been a leading producer of high quality gray iron and ductile iron castings for the oil and gas, mining, earth moving, industrial machinery, power and transmission and construction industries, in addition to many others. Typical castings for the Foundry include gear blanks, crank shafts, pump frames, valve bodies, reducer housings, bearing cages, valve discs, machine tool components, industrial clutch and brake castings, petroleum castings and many others. Thousands of patterns are maintained on site for rapid response to customer orders.

The Foundry began looking for an ERP systems solution to keep up with their clients' needs, while maintaining their strong reputation for timely order completion. Their back room files and data management were in need of an update, and the time involved in maintaining so many paper records was becoming costly. After reviewing many solutions, Gainesville Foundry decided to implement Carillon ERP as their total company solution.

The new system has enabled Gainesville Foundry to stay ahead of their competitors. In an industry where cost and quality are often inversely linked, Carillon ERP helps the Foundry reduce costs while maintaining the technical integrity of their products. Accuracy and timeliness are key, and many of the Foundry's high quality castings are critical components for their clients.

Overall, the Foundry benefited from Carillon ERP's real time updates, which ensured that their system reacted quickly to the company's new client demands as well as manufacturing progresses.

The Gainesville Foundry has been a satisfied client of Carillon since 1997.