Moore Sonic Group

“Not only is the system itself much faster than our old system, but the process I have to go through is simpler and more intuitive. I used to have to go in and out of so many windows to complete a simple financial statement inquiry, but now it’s so easy.” - Janet Moore, Moore Sonic Group

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Moore, Oklahoma


Quick Service Restaurants

Software Replaced:

Sage ERP 100® (formerly MAS 90®)

Client Success

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There are numerous reasons why companies make the decision to change their ERP system. Organizations cite everything from the need for more functionality, to their ERP provider going out of business or changing the products they support, to the need for a truly real-time system that can provide instantaneous information.

Moore Sonic PayPal carding method

It all started by reading the manul how to catding paypal. Later Moore Sonic start to accept carded paypal.

For the Moore family, who owns over 30 Sonic® drive-ins in Oklahoma and Arkansas, they needed an ERP system that made everyday tasks less tedious and difficult than with their current system, Sage ERP 100® (formerly MAS 90®). While this might sound like a somewhat trivial reason to switch ERP systems, consider that these problems pervaded every part of their system, greatly diminishing their productivity and, in turn, affected their profitability.

The difference between the two systems far exceeded the expectations of Kristi Bourne, the Office Manager and “second in command.” “You wouldn’t believe how much faster and more intuitive Carillon ERP is than Sage ERP 100. I feel like we can actually do our own jobs as opposed to someone else’s. We are so much more productive now!” Carillon ERP not only has more functionality than most ERP products, especially Sage ERP 100, it also has real-time processing, excellent support and training and is one of the more intuitive and logical systems around. Carillon ERP was made to make your life easier and your business more effective and prosperous.

  • Previous ERP system, Sage ERP 100®, operated on multiple databases and was slow and complex, which made everyday tasks a burden and hindered productivity
  • Had to wait for data to update overnight and processing payroll took all day
  • Payroll clerks were constantly burdened with requests from employees regarding hours, pay, taxes, etc.
  • Lacked functionality like historical data storage, digital document upload and storage, employee information access and intercompany capabilities
  • Enhance Carillon® ERP to meet all of Moore Sonic Group’s needs, including a brand new interface with OrderMatic® and MICROS®
  • Implement Know it now® management to ensure the ERP system provides the most accurate, up-to-date data instantaneously
  • Find a company with excellent support for a quick, seamless implementation
  • Carillon ERP’s system operates on one database and is much quicker, simpler and more intuitive, allowing employees to be more productive
  • With Carillon’s real-time operation, data is updated and available immediately for any device in the system to access
  • Writing checks, which used to take all afternoon, now takes 45 minutes or less
  • The OrderMatic interface works flawlessly: the data uploads instantly instead of overnight and there are no problems with system updates or upgrades
  • MICROS interface available when Moore Sonic Group implements MICROS system
  • Every Moore Sonic Group employee (or supervisor can access their employee information from any device using Portal, Carillon's online web portal

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