Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

"We are very impressed with the Carillon personnel, with their knowledge of accounting, and with their helpfulness and responsiveness in implementing the system and providing ongoing support. Carillon has proven to be extremely beneficial for the UDABC's financial operations." - John Hall, Systems Development Supervisor, UDABC

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Outdated Financial System

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Founded in 1935, the Utah department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (UDABC) conducts, licenses, and regulates the sale of alcoholic beverages in a manner which satisfies and protects public interests. Using sound management principles and practices, the UDABC promotes the moderation of alcoholic beverage consumption and discourages excess alcohol consumption and abuse.

  • To replace an outdated financial and accounting system with an up-to-date, flexible, easy to use, intuitive system
  • Automate and expedite financial operations
  • The UDABC implemented Carillon's fully integrated, real-time accounting modules.
  • Reduced data-entry workload and labor costs due to simple, integrated and automated processes
  • Alleviated need for manual re-keying of information
  • Increased accuracy and timeliness of data entry
  • Vastly improved staff productivity, allowing more time to be spent accomplishing other departmental tasks
  • Significantly expedited closing processes
Looking For A Solution

When the systems development supervisor of Utah's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (UDABC), John Hall, knew the UDABC had outgrown their existing accounting software, Hall also knew finding a new system would not be an easy task. The new system had to be a highly functional, easy-to-use system from a reliable vendor. Hall needed a flexible accounting system that would not only operate on the UDABC"s current Oracle database, but that would seamlessly interface with other existing software programs and would not require additional hardware investments. Hall then discovered Carillon, a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP)/accounting software developer that fulfilled all of his requirements...and more.

Finding The Answer

Hall contacted Carillon and implementation the UDABC's old accounting software began shortly thereafter. The UDABC's accounting department quickly learned that Carillon is so tightly integrated that functions previously performed manually could now be done automatically, alleviating the need to re-key information and the potential for human error when re-entering data. As information is approved and saved, Carillon ERP instantly updates throughout the entire system.

Carillon's automation increases the accuracy and timeliness of data entries and significantly reduces employees' workloads, enabling employees to assist with other department tasks as needed, Carillon's complete audit trail alleviates the need to print and file financial reports at the close of every month, as all reports are automatically stored in the system to enable unlimited years and periods to be accessed simultaneously. With Carillon's real-time capability, processes are performed instantly and automatically, eliminating long closing processes.

The Long Term

Over two years after initial installation of Carillon's software, the UDABC is operating more efficiently than ever. Due to the full integration and automation of Carillon, the UDABC has been able to streamline processes, significantly improve timeliness of financial reporting, and even reposition employees out of the finance department to better serve other areas.

Carillon and the UDABC continue their relationship of improving business operations through continual maintenance and service support.