Overall Features

Financial Reporting
- Accounts Payable
- Accounts Receivable
- Fund Accounting
- General Ledger
- Payroll
- Time & Billing

Supply Chain & Inventory Management
- Purchase Order Processing
- Sales Order Processing
- Production Order Processing
- Inventory Management
- Barcode Warehouse Management
- Bill of Materials
- Job Costing

Order & Billing Management
- Customs Declaration & Filing
- Front Counter (POS)

Financial Planning
- Executive Desktop
- Financial Desktop

Industry Specific Functionality:

Beverage Distribution
Food & Beverage

Financial Planning

Functionality built into the core Carillon ERP software

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Executive Desktop

Most executives have certain factors that they use to run their business. It may be cash in the bank, orders received, orders shipped, total receivables or any of hundreds of different factors. Executive Desktop inside Carillon's Accounting/ERP system allows the executive to customize his or her desktop to display and update these factors as often as desired. With Carillon ERP's real-time capabilities, business critical information is guaranteed to be current.

Financial Desktop

Financial Desktop is fully integrated within Carillon's ERP software. With this window, visual representations of your company’s financial position will be at your fingertips. Comprehensive help is also available to explain how each ratio is calculated by the system and an easy to understand explanation of what each ratio tells you. Sophisticated, full-year trend analysis is as easy as choosing a graph to print. All of the graphs can be run for a single financial accounting period, or to realize the full strength of the module, you can generate graphs for a range of financial accounting periods and perform sophisticated trend analysis. Very little, if any, additional setup is required to generate these 3-D graphs.

Graphs you can view in your Financial Desktop:

  • Current Ratio
  • Current Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Quick Ratio
  • Quick Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Debt to Equity Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Debt to Assets Ratio
  • Debt to Assets Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Long-Term Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Long-Term Debt to Equity Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Long-Term Debt to Total Assets Ratio
  • Long-Term Debt to Total Assets Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Asset Turnover Ratio
  • Asset Turnover Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Net Income Ratio
  • Net Income Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Return on Equity Ratio
  • Return on Equity Ratio Trend Analysis