Overall Features

Financial Reporting
- Accounts Payable
- Accounts Receivable
- Fund Accounting
- General Ledger
- Payroll
- Time & Billing

Supply Chain & Inventory Management
- Purchase Order Processing
- Sales Order Processing
- Production Order Processing
- Inventory Management
- Barcode Warehouse Management
- Bill of Materials
- Job Costing

Order & Billing Management
- Customs Declaration & Filing
- Front Counter (POS)

Financial Planning
- Executive Desktop
- Financial Desktop

Industry Specific Functionality:

Beverage Distribution
Food & Beverage

Financial Reporting

Functionality built into the core Carillon ERP software

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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable was designed for real world situations with simple and flexible check printing options. Checks can be printed from six different windows, with or without the invoice having previously been entered in the ERP system. If an invoice needs to be entered and paid immediately, either of our voucher entry windows will allow you to enter the invoice information and print the check immediately.

Check printing options include:

  • Quick Checks – Quickly printing a check for a vendor invoice as the voucher is entered
  • System Generated Check Printing – The system can help you determine what to pay based on the invoice terms and due dates (this is the option you will use for your periodic check runs)
  • Single Vendor Check Printing – Quickly printing checks for one or more invoices for a single vendor
  • Manual Checks
  • The cash requirements report in our robust ERP software uses the due date, terms due date and invoice date to determine which checks should be paid on this check run. By simply entering the date for this check run and the date of the next check run, the Accounts Payable module provides a listing of the checks that should be cut before the next check run. The Accounts Payable

    clerk can then modify the list by partially paying invoices or removing them from the check run.

    Accounts Payable also features a dynamic “drill down” capability, which can be used in two ways:

  • Drill Down by Check Number –
  • An inquiry can be made on all the invoices that were paid by an individual check.

  • Drill Down by Vendor –
  • An inquiry can be made on all invoices within a specific voucher class or voucher classes for a vendor. Related payment and memo information is also available for those invoices.

    Accounts Payable is tightly integrated with General Ledger to verify account numbers, open periods and years, and to automatically and instantly post transactions in the cash disbursements and purchases journals. Accounts Payable is also tightly integrated with Carillon's Time & Billing and Purchase Order windows.

    Accounts Payable has many other noteworthy features, including:

  • Laser generated checks for unlimited bank accounts; checks (including MICR encoding) are printed on blank safety paper
  • Outstanding check reconciliation
  • Multiple vendor classifications
  • Flexible invoice selection criteria
  • Check stubs in summary or detail
  • Carillon’s Accounts Payable module has a full set of reports to provide a quick, precise reference to your companies’ performance. The reports include:

  • Outstanding Check Listing
  • Check Register
  • Purchases Journal
  • Voucher Journal
  • Distribution Journal
  • Cash Disbursements Journal
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Vendor Master Listing
  • Full 1099 MISC reporting including magnetic media

  • Accounts Receivable

    The Accounts Receivable window in Carillon's ERP software combines ease of use with the power of a client/server-based system. Whether invoices and credit memos are entered directly into Accounts Receivable or posted through the shipping process in Order Entry, the updating of customer accounts is performed automatically and immediately.

    The inquiry capabilities are phenomenal. The AR Drill Down provides four methods of inquiry:

  • AR Drill Down by Customer –
  • An inquiry can be made on all invoices within a specific invoice class or for all classes for a customer sorted by invoice date

  • AR Drill Down by Check Number –
  • An inquiry can be made on all checks received for a customer sorted by check number. By clicking on the check number, a listing of invoices paid can be obtained

  • AR Drill Down by Corporate ID –
  • An inquiry can be made on all invoices for a corporate entity including all customers’ invoices for that corporate entity

  • AR Drill Down by Invoice –
  • An inquiry can be made for a specific invoice number displaying the invoice header and line item information for the invoice

    Throughout the drill down windows in this Accounting/ERP system, payment information may be displayed by clicking on the amount received, and detailed invoice and memo/bad debt information may be displayed by clicking on the Invoice Number/Amount or Memo Amount, respectively. The inquiry capability is so good that, combined with our ability to reprint an invoice at any time, you may find it is no longer necessary to file a copy of your invoices in customer files. Think of all the hassle that you could save!

    Cash Receipts processing was developed to be as easy as possible. Once a customer is selected, all of the unpaid invoices for that customer are listed in the window. The cash receipts clerk can then check a box to fully pay one or more of the invoices, or enter in the amount of any partial payments on an invoice by invoice basis. We haven’t been able to think of a way to make it any easier or faster, unless you want to be able to import the transactions from your bank or another system. For that, Carillon ERP has a full ASCII import capability for invoices, cash receipts and even customer master information.

    And we didn’t forget collection activities. Collection activities can easily be recorded or reviewed on-line in our Contact Management window. Customer IDs in the Accounts Receivable module are the same as the Address IDs in Contact Management. Carillon is truly one integrated ERP software.

    The Accounts Receivable module has many other impressive features, including:

  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited ship-to addresses per customer
  • The ability to “tie” customers together, for reporting purposes, into a Corporate ID
  • Support for unlimited bank accounts
  • Credit limit tracking
  • Prepaid invoice entry
  • Posting of revenues by customer or by inventory item
  • Miscellaneous cash receipts entry to process non-customer related receipts such as interest payments
  • Five user-definable reporting classes for customers
  • The ability to reprint any journal, ledger or trial balance as of any current or prior period
  • Reports featured in the Carillon Accounts Receivable module include:

  • Multiple invoice formats
  • Aged Trial Balance by Invoice Date
  • Aged Trial Balance by Due Date
  • Sales Journal
  • Cash Receipts Journal
  • Sales Distribution Journal
  • Cash Receipts Distribution Journal

  • Fund Accounting for Government Agencies and Non-Profits

    Carillon ERP fully supports encumbrances, fund accounting and grant tracking throughout the system.

    An encumbrance refers to funds committed to fulfilling contracts or purchase orders for goods and services. Government, non-profits, and organizations use encumbrances, commonly in conjunction with fund accounting.

    In order to stay within their budget and avoid overspending, organizations utilize encumbrances when issuing purchase orders. Money is set aside for the transaction and is no longer able to used for other purposes. When the vendor is paid for the purchase order, the amount ceases to be an encumbrance and the payout is recorded.

    Carillon also features the following capabilities for Government Agencies and Non-Profits:

  • User definable funds
  • Unlimited number of funds
  • Balance sheets for each fund
  • Ability to close funds to different fund balance accounts
  • Generation of financial statements by fund
  • Full inter-fund transaction capability with automatic generation of inter-fund payables and receivables
  • User definable chart of account number
  • Chart of account searches by fund

  • General Ledger

    Today’s technology has finally allowed the development of an ERP software with superior General Ledger functionality, including:

  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Unlimited open years
  • Up to 366 periods per year
  • Elimination of year-end and month-end closing processes
  • Automatic reversing entries
  • Recurring journal entries
  • Account allocations
  • Ability to import journal entries from a tab-delimited ASCII file (like you can create in Microsoft Excel)
  • Three budgets per period, per year, per account. For example, you can have an original, revised, and final budget for every account for every period/year
  • Ability to reprint any portion of your audit trail as of any period in the past at any time
  • OLE links to Microsoft Excel
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Powerful “Drill Down” capability
  • Unlimited companies
  • Unlimited branches/divisions
  • Up to 32 character account numbers with full dynamic masking capabilities
  • Fund accounting capability
  • In the Carillon ERP system, transactions entered in any window are posted to the General Ledger instantaneously. Cumbersome month-end and year-end closing processes are no longer necessary. Postings to retained earnings for “future years” occurs automatically on a transaction by transaction basis. However, periods can be “soft closed” to prevent any further postings.

    The creation of comprehensive financial statements with ERP software has never been so easy. Users design their own financial statements through an OLE link to Microsoft Excel. The number of financial statements that can be designed and produced is unlimited. Carillon’s powerful financial statement generator package can provide comparisons to previous years and quarters as well as 3D graphs, bar charts and pie charts. The spreadsheet information can then be sent via OLE to a word processing package, such as Microsoft Word, to create annual reports with ease.

    The General Ledger drill down inquiry capability shows period and cumulative balances for every account, period and year that has ever been set up in the General Ledger. Clicking on a period balance drills all the way to the source document for further detail. At this level, the detail of all the debits and credits posted for this transaction can also be viewed.

    Setting up account masks in Carillon ERP couldn’t be easier. You can design your own account masks to accommodate your companies’ needs with up to fifteen segments. The financial statement generator also accommodates different account masks for different companies that consolidate into a single financial statement.


    Carillon’s Payroll module features:

  • Real-Time Transaction Processing
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Pay Types
  • Unlimited Deductions
  • Unlimited User Definable Tax Jurisdictions
  • Employer and Employee Taxes and Deductions
  • Unlimited Direct Deposit Accounts
  • Multi-Year Employee Drill Down Functionality
  • Automatic Rule-Based Overtime Processing
  • Multiple Years Open at One Time
  • Pre-Tax Deductions
  • Unlimited Employee Addresses
  • Unlimited Hire and Termination Dates
  • W-4 Effectivity and History
  • User Definable Employee Reporting Classes
  • One-Time Pay Adjustments
  • One Time Deductions
  • Automated 1095 Form Functionality
  • Real time processing is finally here with Carillon ERP. Transactions posted in Payroll update the General Ledger, Time & Billing and Job Cost windows immediately. Payroll accruals and checks are recalculated “on the fly” whenever you enter a time, any deduction or tax transaction.

    Carillon's ERP software doesn’t require any batch posting process before you can view the amount any employee is owed. It is always available immediately in the Employee drill down window. This is accomplished through the use of a payroll application process that is designed to run constantly on your database server. Large installations can use a separate application server to process very large volumes of transaction. Combined with the power of the databases Carillon supports, no job should be too large.

    Time & Billing

    In many businesses, the time employees spend on projects is crucial to resource management, project management, cash receipts and the bottom line. Consultants, CPAs, lawyers and any other business that bills clients for projects, expenses and time can increase their efficiency simply by managing information in a more effective way. Carillon’s Time & Billing window allows you to easily manage all aspects of billing for a project–from producing reports on projects to billing clients and reimbursing employees.

    Time and expenses are easily entered in Carillon's Accounting/ERP system. Employees can record unlimited comments detailing chargeable and non-chargeable time. The comments can be required, if desired by project managers. Expenses can also be billed to clients, if desired. Employee reimbursement checks are easily produced through tight integration with the Accounts Payable window of Carillon.

    Not only is Time & Billing tightly integrated to Accounts Payable, it is also integrated with Accounts Receivable. After clients are billed, Accounts Receivable updates to show what is due. Of course, the General Ledger is also updated to reflect the appropriate balances. If employees are working on a project in several different billing capacities, Carillon’s Time & Billing window allows employees to be listed for projects at different billing rates. These rates can be changed mid-project, if necessary.

    Carillon’s Time & Billing window has many other useful functions. Client invoices can be previewed on-screen, so changes can be made before the final draft is printed. Billing can be produced in summary or detail with user-defined frequency. Time reports can be printed directly from the ERP system to show all time and expenses associated with a particular project or a specified employee.

    Other features and reports available in Carillon’s Time & Billing module include:

  • Multiple Billing Formats
  • Project Listing by Project, Employee or Manager
  • Productivity by Project Report
  • 32 Character, User-Definable Project Number
  • Time and Expense Reports
  • Client Billing Worksheets
  • Preliminary Invoices
  • Final Invoices
  • Professional Fees by Project Report
  • Ability to reprint final invoices at any time