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Supply Chain & Inventory Management
- Purchase Order Processing
- Sales Order Processing
- Production Order Processing
- Inventory Management
- Barcode Warehouse Management
- Bill of Materials
- Job Costing

Order & Billing Management
- Order Entry
- Customs Declaration & Filing
- Front Counter (POS)

Financial Planning
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Industry Specific Functionality:

Beverage Distribution
Food & Beverage

Overall Features

Functionality built into the core Carillon ERP software

CRM  |  WebPack  |  KwikTag Document Imaging  |  Mail  |  Custom Reports


To some, the acronym CRM means Customer Relationship Management. Carillon ERP does much more and calls it Contact Relationship Management. For example, it is just as important to track activities with vendors and suppliers as it is with customers. Carillon ERP allows you to track activities with all contacts and is designed to be used by everyone in your organization.

Carillon's CRM functionality is also fully integrated with the Carillon ERP software, and has the exact same look and feel as the rest of the system because it was built using the same set of ancestor objects. Anywhere in the system you are referring to a person, the person will be set up in CRM. Even employees are a special kind of contact.

Your whole company will benefit by tracking activities with all contacts and management will easily be able to see all the activities associated with any organization in one easy to use window. You have an unlimited number of contacts with multiple look-up possibilities for quick retrieval of information. Our ERP software allows you to capture as much or as little information about each contact as you like.

Anywhere in the Carillon ERP system you are working with a Company, Customer, Ship To, Vendor, or Supplier, you are working with contacts in the CRM window. So in addition to setting up contacts at customers, you can also set up contacts at suppliers, vendors, or anywhere else you like. We use Contact Management to record all sales activities with a client, credit and collection activities, as well as all support activities.

For each contact (person) set up, you can track the following information:

  • Name
  • Address (mailing address, physical address and home address)
  • Multiple Phone Numbers
  • Title
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Overall Comments
  • Email and Web Site Address
  • Whatever you would like in multiple user defined classes
  • You can assign the contact to:

  • Multiple user-defined mailing lists (which interface with Microsoft Word)
  • Multiple Sales reps
  • Multiple Lead Sources indicating the source of the lead
  • For each contact you can track:

  • Unlimited Activities with unlimited text
  • Unlimited To Do's with unlimited text
  • Unlimited Documents that have been sent

  • WebPack

    WebPack is Carillon ERP’s online portal for employees, customers, vendors and suppliers. It allows these individuals to perform simple, secure and safe information inquiries, thereby minimizing the workload strain on your Accounting, Human Resources, Purchasing and Customer Service departments. Employees can update their personal information and print paystubs, while customers can check their order status and print invoices. Suppliers can see purchasing and payment information. WebPack frees up your staff’s time for more important tasks.

    Do you want your employees to be able to look up and print out their W-2s or payroll stubs without having to hassle your accounting department? Do you want your employees to be able to make address changes on their own or be able to see their accrued vacation time without having to ask HR? Do you want to be able to do all of this without needing an ERP software license for each employee? And how much time would your company save if your customers could look up their invoices, paid and unpaid, by themselves?

    Here at Carillon, we realize the importance of top rate security. That is why we have taken the time to ensure that all of your data is extremely secure within your website. Each employee or vendor will have their own unique username and password, and you can dictate how long and how complicated the passwords need to be. You can also determine what information each user can and cannot see. This can be done by individual user or by user group. Additionally, you can personalize the site to look any way you want, even if that means modeling it after your internal network.

    Document Imaging

    Eliminate file cabinets and easily search, store, manage and send documents electronically with fully integrated document imaging through an interface to KwikTag.

    Carillon ERP's integration with the document imaging system KwikTag also decreases the amount of time tasks take, reduces the amount of paper documents needed to be stored and can improve the way you do business. Other ERP systems will make your corporate office wait for every invoice, employee hiring form and other paper information to be sent via snail mail. With Carillon, every location has the ability to scan documents into the system and every authorized user can see and print these documents right after they are scanned, no matter where they are located. Download Document Management Brochure

    Custom Reports

    Do you find yourself running the same database queries over and over again? Are you transferring data from Excel to your ERP software and vice versa? Now you can set up a Custom Report with Carillon ERP to cut out time and effort! With Carillon's custom reports feature, you can quickly create a report protected by the same high level of security and accuracy as the rest of Carillon ERP and put the report on your main menu for easy access.


    Imagine not having to stand at the fax machine while you send quotes, order acknowledgements and invoices to your customers. Instead, do it all from your Accounting/ERP software. For example, in the Sales Order Entry window you can choose File, Send and a pop-up box will allow you to send the quote or order acknowledgement to the ordering contact, ship to contact, bill to contact and/or to the sales rep. You can fax it to some and email it to others. That’s a typical example of the power of the Mail module.

    The most common way to implement this functionality is via a Carillon supplied Windows server-side process that interfaces to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange on the server. GFI FAXmaker for Exchange is the recommended fax server plug-in for Microsoft Exchange. This allows most facilities to have only a single fax server modem and single fax server phone line rather than fax modems/lines for each workstation. For emails, the forms/documents are sent as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) attachments.