Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable was designed for real world situations with simple and flexible check printing options. Checks can be printed from six different windows, with or without the invoice having previously been entered in the ERP system. If an invoice needs to be entered and paid immediately, either of our voucher entry windows will allow you to enter the invoice information and print the check immediately.

Check printing options include:

  • Quick Checks – Quickly printing a check for a vendor invoice as the voucher is entered
  • System Generated Check Printing – The system can help you determine what to pay based on the invoice terms and due dates (this is the option you will use for your periodic check runs)
  • Single Vendor Check Printing – Quickly printing checks for one or more invoices for a single vendor
  • Manual Checks

The cash requirements report in our robust ERP software uses the due date, terms due date and invoice date to determine which checks should be paid on this check run. By simply entering the date for this check run and the date of the next check run, the Accounts Payable module provides a listing of the checks that should be cut before the next check run. The Accounts Payable clerk can then modify the list by partially paying invoices or removing them from the check run.

Accounts Payable also features a dynamic “drill down” capability, which can be used in two ways:

  • Drill Down by Check Number –
  • An inquiry can be made on all the invoices that were paid by an individual check.

  • Drill Down by Vendor –
  • An inquiry can be made on all invoices within a specific voucher class or voucher classes for a vendor. Related payment and memo information is also available for those invoices.

    Accounts Payable is tightly integrated with General Ledger to verify account numbers, open periods and years, and to automatically and instantly post transactions in the cash disbursements and purchases journals. Accounts Payable is also tightly integrated with Carillon's Time & Billing and Purchase Order windows.

    Accounts Payable has many other noteworthy features, including:

    • Laser generated checks for unlimited bank accounts; checks (including MICR encoding) are printed on blank safety paper
    • Outstanding check reconciliation
    • Multiple vendor classifications
    • Flexible invoice selection criteria
    • Check stubs in summary or detail

    Carillon’s Accounts Payable module has a full set of reports to provide a quick, precise reference to your companies’ performance. The reports include:

    • Outstanding Check Listing
    • Check Register
    • Purchases Journal
    • Voucher Journal
    • Distribution Journal
    • Cash Disbursements Journal
    • Cash Requirements Report
    • Aged Trial Balance
    • Vendor Master Listing
    • Full 1099 MISC reporting including magnetic media