Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable window in Carillon's ERP software combines ease of use with the power of a client/server-based system. Whether invoices and credit memos are entered directly into Accounts Receivable or posted through the shipping process in Order Entry, the updating of customer accounts is performed automatically and immediately.

The inquiry capabilities are phenomenal. The AR Drill Down provides four methods of inquiry:

  • AR Drill Down by Customer –
  • An inquiry can be made on all invoices within a specific invoice class or for all classes for a customer sorted by invoice date

  • AR Drill Down by Check Number –
  • An inquiry can be made on all checks received for a customer sorted by check number. By clicking on the check number, a listing of invoices paid can be obtained

  • AR Drill Down by Corporate ID –
  • An inquiry can be made on all invoices for a corporate entity including all customers’ invoices for that corporate entity

  • AR Drill Down by Invoice –
  • An inquiry can be made for a specific invoice number displaying the invoice header and line item information for the invoice

    Throughout the drill down windows in this Accounting/ERP system, payment information may be displayed by clicking on the amount received, and detailed invoice and memo/bad debt information may be displayed by clicking on the Invoice Number/Amount or Memo Amount, respectively. The inquiry capability is so good that, combined with our ability to reprint an invoice at any time, you may find it is no longer necessary to file a copy of your invoices in customer files. Think of all the hassle that you could save!

    Cash Receipts processing was developed to be as easy as possible. Once a customer is selected, all of the unpaid invoices for that customer are listed in the window. The cash receipts clerk can then check a box to fully pay one or more of the invoices, or enter in the amount of any partial payments on an invoice by invoice basis. We haven’t been able to think of a way to make it any easier or faster, unless you want to be able to import the transactions from your bank or another system. For that, Carillon ERP has a full ASCII import capability for invoices, cash receipts and even customer master information.

    And we didn’t forget collection activities. Collection activities can easily be recorded or reviewed on-line in our Contact Management window. Customer IDs in the Accounts Receivable module are the same as the Address IDs in Contact Management. Carillon is truly one integrated ERP software.

    The Accounts Receivable module has many other impressive features, including:

    • Unlimited customers
    • Unlimited ship-to addresses per customer
    • The ability to “tie” customers together, for reporting purposes, into a Corporate ID
    • Support for unlimited bank accounts
    • Credit limit tracking
    • Prepaid invoice entry
    • Posting of revenues by customer or by inventory item
    • Miscellaneous cash receipts entry to process non-customer related receipts such as interest payments
    • Five user-definable reporting classes for customers
    • The ability to reprint any journal, ledger or trial balance as of any current or prior period

    Reports featured in the Carillon Accounts Receivable module include:

    • Multiple invoice formats
    • Aged Trial Balance by Invoice Date
    • Aged Trial Balance by Due Date
    • Sales Journal
    • Cash Receipts Journal
    • Sales Distribution Journal
    • Cash Receipts Distribution Journal