Time & Billing

In many businesses, the time employees spend on projects is crucial to resource management, project management, cash receipts and the bottom line. Consultants, CPAs, lawyers and any other business that bills clients for projects, expenses and time can increase their efficiency simply by managing information in a more effective way. Carillon’s Time & Billing window allows you to easily manage all aspects of billing for a project–from producing reports on projects to billing clients and reimbursing employees.

Time and expenses are easily entered in Carillon's Accounting/ERP system. Employees can record unlimited comments detailing chargeable and non-chargeable time. The comments can be required, if desired by project managers. Expenses can also be billed to clients, if desired. Employee reimbursement checks are easily produced through tight integration with the Accounts Payable window of Carillon.

Not only is Time & Billing tightly integrated to Accounts Payable, it is also integrated with Accounts Receivable. After clients are billed, Accounts Receivable updates to show what is due. Of course, the General Ledger is also updated to reflect the appropriate balances. If employees are working on a project in several different billing capacities, Carillon’s Time & Billing window allows employees to be listed for projects at different billing rates. These rates can be changed mid-project, if necessary.

Carillon’s Time & Billing window has many other useful functions. Client invoices can be previewed on-screen, so changes can be made before the final draft is printed. Billing can be produced in summary or detail with user-defined frequency. Time reports can be printed directly from the ERP system to show all time and expenses associated with a particular project or a specified employee.

Other features and reports available in Carillon’s Time & Billing module include:

  • Multiple Billing Formats
  • Project Listing by Project, Employee or Manager
  • Productivity by Project Report
  • 32 Character, User-Definable Project Number
  • Time and Expense Reports
  • Client Billing Worksheets
  • Preliminary Invoices
  • Final Invoices
  • Professional Fees by Project Report
  • Ability to reprint final invoices at any time