Sales Order Processing

There are many steps involved in creating quotes and sales orders and each needs to be straightforward. With Carillon’s Sales Management system, you can create quotes and sales orders all within one window. The Sales Order Entry window allows you to create quotes in several ways and instantly turn any quote into a sales order. From the Sales Order Entry window, you can even print pick tickets, have multiple ship tos and track shipments. For detailed orders, you can create customer and item notes as well as insert a drawn picture or photograph of the item, thus eliminating confusion over item type. Everything you need to create or modify a quote or sales order is located in the Sales Order Entry window.

A superior sales management system would not be complete without performance evaluation capabilities. Profitability reports can be generated for each customer, brand or salesperson so you can keep track of your best performers. You can also track communications between your sales staff and customers through tight integration with our CRM, all within Carillon ERP.

You can easily increase efficiency by completing more tasks within one window.

  • Tight integration – Carillon’s Sales Order Entry window is integrated with the CRM system, purchasing system and production system so many steps of the sales order process can be done automatically for you.
  • Create all quotes and sales orders – In the Sales Order Entry window, you have the flexibility to make quotes and sales orders.

Give your team the tools they need to oversee the creation of accurate orders or confirm that shipping was handled properly.

  • Create customer and item notes
  • Item look-ups
  • View customer history
  • Automatically price line items or apply discounts
  • Ship items to multiple ship tos
  • Record down payment information
  • Track shipping
  • Print pick tickets

With Carillon's ERP software, you can reach different types of customers by allowing front-counter sales and back order processing:

  • Front-counter sales – Help service walk-up customers faster. Carillon’s Front Counter Sales window lets you process the sale, calculate sales tax, relieve inventory and calculate change all in a single step.
  • Backorder processing – If you have customers set up to accept partial shipments, you can partial ship, backorder and ship again as many times necessary to complete the order.

To be successful you must know how your business is performing at all times. There are several ways to measure progress:

  • Sales activity tracking with Carillon’s CRM
  • Profitability analysis – Monitor profits by generating reports based on customers, branches or salespeople.
  • Commission set-up – You can assign one or more sales people and split the commission between them.