Barcode Warehouse Management

Carillon is always adding new functionality to its ERP software based on our client's needs. The new specifics we build for our customers are integrated into our already agile system as an option for future clients. These features showcase what Carillon is capable of customizing and demonstrate how we are ahead of the curve on business innovation.

One of our latest features is a Barcode Warehouse Management system, ideal for those looking for manufacturing or distribution software. Carillon ERP now incorporates Code 39 and UPC codes in our Inventory Management window. Clients can use scanners to quickly track individual items or case movement through staging areas, packing rooms, loading trucks, etc. Carillon can both generate codes for new items and track existing codes for items being resold. Since all aspects of Carillon's ERP software are fully integrated, scanning data into the system immediately updates Sales Order Processing and triggers inventory restock when necessary. Clients using this barcode functionality are seeing faster, more accurate order fulfillment while managers and executives better manage the overall order process.