Bill of Materials

Carillon ERP supports an unlimited level Bill of Material. This window includes operations, which are defined to be tasks done in workcenters. In each level of the Bill of Material, you can not only indicate the materials that will be required but you can also indicate the operations that will be performed. This use of operations allows some organizations to perform rough-cut capacity planning.

Carillon ERP's flexible Bill of Materials is a construction and distribution industry favorite because you can create unique Bill of Materials for any individual production order. Carillon supports unlimited levels, so users can build kits or assemblies specific to their job and industry. This window is closely integrated with our ERP software's Production Order Management window, making for easy configuration and ordering.

Assemblies are definitions for the Bills of Material. They are time-phased to allow you to start to manufacture something differently as of some date in the future. They also allow you to define both the required materials as well as the operations (tasks done in workcenters) required to manufacture an item.